Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Barnett Bows faster if their draw weights are lighter?
Which Barnett crossbow is the most popular and why?
What are the pull weight/length of Barnett’s triggers?
What are the draw weights of Barnett’s bows?
What is the difference between a compound and a recurve crossbow?
How do I replace a string on a recurve bow?
How do I replace a string on a compound crossbow?
How long should strings last?
What do I do to extend the life of my bows synthetic system?
How long can I keep my bow cocked?
Why does my bow shoot to the right or to the left?
Why does my bow shoot high or low?
What kind of broad heads should I use and what are the recommended grain weights?
Why are some 3-blade broadheads inaccurate?
What type of arrows should I use with my crossbow?
What size dovetail is on the scope mount?
Are the scope mounts a weaver style mount?
How long is the warranty on a Barnett Crossbow?
How do I obtain service for my crossbow?