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Equipment Focus -Competition for Larger

The growing demand for crossbows is being fueled by a variety of factors, including expanded seasons, an aging population of bowhunters, and more women enjoying the shooting sports. But a big driver in that demand is improvement in the crossbows themselves. Speaking in general terms, today’s crossbows are easier to handle, more accurate, quieter and more reliable than what hunters had to choose from a decade ago. Like their vertical cousins, crossbows are being improved so substantially from year to year that hunters have good reasons to upgrade.

For over 50 years, Barnett has been on the forefront of crossbow innovation and technology. Made entirely in the USA (except for the entry price point Jackal- fabricated in China but assembled here), over one million crossbows have been sold o ering components that have become industry standards.

Those innovations and features are impressive: the self-cocking mechanism on their Commando crossbow, the  first compound crossbow, the Demon, patented quick detach front end, the  first shoot-through foot stirrup, rope cocking device, CRT ultralight risers, adjustable stock and cheek pieces. Another component is Anti Vibration Isolation (AVI), a material specifically designed for Barnett to “encapsulate the limb dramatically reducing vibration” up to 30 percent - and making for a quieter shot.  The list continues to grow with new lightweight, adjustable and powerful products and features for 2012.

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