Predator by BARNETT

Press Release

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Predator by BARNETT

Introducing the crossbow that is changing it all, the Predator by Barnett! The multitude of innovations complimented with new patented design shoot through riser has set new standards in the crossbow world forever! From speed, accuracy, smoothness, benefits/features, price per foot per second and overall performance, the Predator has sleekly snuck into a position in the crossbow market that has the competition running for cover.

Speed: The increased power stroke spawned from the revolutionary patented shoot through riser design and new inertia driven whiplash cams has enabled the Predator to launch 425 grain arrows at unbelievable speeds of 375 feet per second at just 175 pounds of draw weight!

Accuracy/Smoothness: The exclusively integrated AVI Predator Limbs has exponentially reduced vibration shock, increased accuracy, and alleviates sounds caused by unintentional contact with objects in hunting conditions.

Features: Adjustable cheek piece and rear butt plate, thumbhole stock, ultra-smooth 3-1/2 pound trigger, ambidextrous push button safety, sturdy stock GAM (Patented), 16” powerstroke, 175 lbs. draw, 375 feet per second, and at a price that rips the competition in parts. Dollars per feet per second, accuracy and performance, benefits and features, innovation and design...we dare you to compare!

Barnett’s Predator is the crossbow that’s changing it ALL!