Crank Cocking Device

Crank Cocking Device

Reduces cocking tension to 17 lbs on all compatible crossbows! Designed to be fully integrated into the stock of the bow for a low profile, comfortable fit. The handle can be easily adjusted for right or left hand hunters and can be removed after each use. Compatible with Ghost series, Quad Series, Wildcat Series, Panzer V series, Buck Commander series, BCX series, Penetrator series, Vengeance series, Recruit series and Raptor FX series, Brotherhood series, BCR series and Razr series.

Compatible with the following models:

  • BCX
  • BCR
  • Brotherhood
  • Buck Commander
  • Ghost series
  • Panzer V
  • Penetrator
  • Quad series
  • Raptor FX series
  • Razr
  • Recruit series
  • Vengeance series
  • Wildcat series





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